Register. Evaluate. Engage. is a place for people to submit and view information about the accessibility of public places like buildings, crosswalks, and other structures in their communities. You can use this site to evaluate the accessibility of a place in your community or to find accessible places near you. Sign up, document, and help us encourage the government and private sector to improve accessibility for all.


How to report an accessibility violation

  1. Watch the videos and learn about accessibility.
  2. Take note of buildings, ramps, ATMs, and streets in your neighborhood. 
  3. On, enter the location you want to evaluate. Feel free to complete more than one type of evaluation for the same place.
  4. Answer the questions and submit the evaluation. Upload photos too!
  5. We take action! We will communicate with businesses and government bodies about the rights violations that you report, making our communities more accessible for everyone.
Evaluate a Place